With over 10 years experience in EV Charging, you can rely on a safe installation with ChargedEV.

We have curated a selection of the UK’s favourite EV charge points based on functionality, aesthetics and reliability that gives us an option for every driver; that’s why we’re the Driver’s Choice.

We are compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands

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Usage Reporting

Track your charger’s energy consumption and charging history


Ensure you charge at the cheapest times by setting a schedule for your charging

Solar Compatible

Increase the amount of energy your car consumes from your solar panels

PEN Fault Detection

A built in solution to protect against the loss of earthing

Load Curtailment

Reduce demand from your charger if your supply is overloaded

Communications Method

How the charger connects to the internet


(Secondary 4G)

(Secondary 3G/4G)

(Secondary WiFi)

Full Installation Cost

Including a standard installation and the EVHS Grant





Universal or Tethered

Tethered Only

Universal Only


Tethered +£75

Tethered Only


Once you enquire with us, you’ll be automatically set up in our onboarding app


You will provide us the information we need in relation to your installation through here


We will remotely review your installation feasibility


We’ll issue you with a quote based on if your install in standard or not


We’ll schedule your install to ensure the shortest lead time possible


Completed in a safe and compliant way, ensuring your needs are met


You’ll have support available to you throughout the life of your chargepoint


Now you’re an electric vehicle driver, you’ll likely never go back - enjoy the electric miles!

Our standard installation criteria:

Onboarding App

When you apply,  you will be introduced to the Onboarding app.

Step by step you can add in all the information we require to complete your installation.

You have access to this throughout your journey and can complete it in your own time.


If you’re looking to place an order, or discuss an existing order our team of experts are here to help.

Home installations:
Workplace installations:
Technical Support:


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