Be Chargepoint Ready.

A lot of our customers contact us to figure out how much time and effort is involved in getting an EV charger installed at home; often before placing an order for a new EV.

So we’ve put together some information to make that transition to EV easier by letting you know what to consider and what to expect.


  1. It is important to make sure that you have a suitable parking area for your EV and a substantial power cable can be run from your electric metre.a, Will the power cable run exclusively on land that you own?b. Will it pose a trip hazard to anyone?

    c. Do I have any potential obstacles to running a power cable?

    i. Lofts

    ii. Tiled walls and floors

    iii. Lack of safe or working access to a certain area

  2. What is the rating of my main fuse?a. Do I have any heavy use appliances – like a hot tub?b. Do I have any solar panels, battery storage or air source heat pumps to mention?

    c. Could my supply be looped?

  3. Do I have an isolation switch?
  4. Is my bonding up to scratch?a. Is there a green and yellow cable to your water stop tap?b. Is there a green and yellow cable to your gas bonding?

    c. Are either the gas or water pipes plastic?

Our Desktop Survey

Once your application has been submitted our Project Team will review the information provided to confirm whether your installation meets our standard installation package and if your electrics at home are chargepoint-ready.

We might need to ask you to provide some more information or ask some specific questions about your home so that we’ve considered all the important points to ensure installation is successful.

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