Application Example

As part of the process we will require you to provide some information to us so we can assess whether or not your installation is eligible and falls within our standard installation package.

Our friendly advisors can talk you through the requirements in more detail, but below is an example of the photo’s we would need so that we can accurately assess your property. In addition to the images we will also ask you to describe the cable route to help build a story of how we will install and fill in any blanks from the images.

Once we have asessed your images, our team will contact you to discuss the next steps and any additional requirements.

Please note that around 80% of our applications fall within our standard installation package.

Fuse Board

An image of your fuse board, showing current fuses and any spare ways.

Electricity Supply

A clear picture of the electric supply showing your meter and incoming supply.

Fuse Board – From a distance

Showing your fuse board space so we know what the installer has access via.

The Fuse Board Cupboard

A picture of your fuse board cupboard so we can see the distance from this to the outside.

Cable Run from Fuse Board

An image showing all or part of the cable run from the fuse board to the location of the chargepoint.

Chargepoint Location

An image showing the desired location of the chargepoint.

Gas Bonding

An image showing your Gas Bonding at your gas meter.

Water Bonding

An image showing your Water Bonding.

Parking Area

A picture from afar of your private, off-street parking highlighting any exposed metal such as gas pipes or light fittings.