Flats and Apartment Buildings

ChargedEV believe that living in a flat or apartment, renting or owned, should not detract from anyone’s ability to own an electric vehicle.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to increase the uptake of EVs by apartment block residents, backed by new Government funding and ChargedEV’s long term vision for EV drivers

Without support from EV infrastructure specialists, residents are refraining from switching to electric vehicles due to the barriers to installing charging points in allocated parking bays.

More so, block owners and managing agents are unwilling to support the infrastructure requirements of EV charging in their blocks until there is significant demand from residents. Even then, the choices for block owners are complicated, carry risks and exceptional expense.

The risks you may face

  • An array of different chargers
  • Chargers acting independently of each other
  • Messy and duplicated infrastructure, cabling and supply equipment
  • Multiple contractors and electricians working across landlord supply
  • Dormant EV chargers at risk of zero use during warranty period
  • Higher chance of large budget infrastructure upgrades
  • No single or future proof way to recoup the costs of energy used
  • Inadequate and dangerous 13amp standard power supplies

The Solution

Easee Ready

Easee Ready is a wired docking station that turns into a charging station by simply ‘clicking’ in a charging robot.


  • Single hardware solution
  • Infrastructure installation complete
  • Cost effective way to add charging capacity
  • Create EV ready parking spaces at any residential car park
    • Compliance with London planning conditions: provision for active and passive charging
  • Scalable solution, order charging robot when EV demand increases
  • Pass on costs to individual drivers by enabling rental friendly subscription model
  • De-risks dormant EVSE, sat awaiting its first use, counting down the product warranty period

EV Ready Installation

The Specs

  • Fully dynamic charging power 1.4 – 22kW (1 and 3 phase charging)
  • Reduces power capacity requirements by up to 90%.
  • Load balancing of up to 101 chargers per fuse
  • Automatic queuing system
  • The load and phase balancing works offline
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Integrated 4G in each box (e-sim), free subscription included for life
  • Permanent locking of the Type 2 cable
  • Integrated earth fault protection
  • Integrated RFID reader
  • Supports whitelisting of RFID tags, approved tags are automatically stored locally in each charging robot
  • Energy measurement (+/- 3%), – for reading charge consumption

Driver Billing

A range of billing mechanisms available;

  • Pay As You Go
  • Consumer Subscription
    • Potential for kWh/Miles included
  • Company Car Driver
    • Company arranges subscription and covers all costs associated
  • All option of Public Charging bolt on potential

Landlord energy supply is reimbursed any energy costs


Monitor & Maintain

ChargedEV offer a fully monitored and maintained management portal;

  • Driver app & RFID access
  • Identify offline chargers
  • Perform remote maintenance and updates
  • Monitor entire site consumption
  • Maximise charger uptime
  • Provide detailed reporting