The UK's best Electric Car Charger at just £299 in Luton

Here at ChargedEV we give you access to a government grant that provides 75% towards the cost of an EV home charging point in Luton up to a maximum of £500, leaving just a small customer contribution that starts from just £299.

We have now launched Smart+, a revolutionary smart charger for electric vehicles that offers a range of smart features for the driver whilst offering data and flexibility services to network operators and energy suppliers leading to a cleaner and potentially cheaper charge.

Fully compliant with OLEV’s new smart EV charging requirements that come into effect on the 1st July 2019.

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Apply during September and you will be eligible for a full 2 year Polar Plus subscripion worth over £180.

For just £50.

Use POLAR50 as your discount code.

What's the installation process?

Find out more about our standard installation process and what we need from you

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Do I qualify for the OLEV EVHS Grant?

Find out more about the OLEV Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, what you need to qualify and more

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What is Kaluza?

Kaluza powers the smartness of the charger, providing an app that gives you a range of smart charging features

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Universally Compatible Compatible with all EV's dependant on your choice of socketed or tethered variant
Universal socket & tethered available

Universal socket & tethered available
Usage Reporting Reporting of either live or historic usage data via a web app
Live & historic charging time & kWh usage

Live & historic charging time & kWh usage
Customer App App to interact with and control your chargepoint
Set charge preferences, 'boost' charge and track usage

Schedule, monitor usage and remote lock the chargepoint
Over the Air Updates Updates to new features as and when they become available
Tariff Match, Solar Match & Load Management are future features

Full Installation Cost Subject to our standard installation terms and OLEV EVHS grant claim £299 £50 premium for a tethered unit £299 £50 premium for a tethered unit

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