So you need an isolation switch..

We consider installations via an isolation switch to be best practice. They provide a simple way to isolate power to the house for both our installer, you the customer and any future electrical contractors that works on your home in the future.

This switch will be fitted alongside your electric meter and allows our Installers to connect a new circuit to power your chargepoint.

What should I do now?

Please contact your energy supplier – whoever you pay your electricity bill to – in order to arrange for an isolation switch fitting.

You should specifically request a “100 amp dual-pole isolation switch and an upgrade of your meter tails 25mm”.

Don’t worry, they’ll know what you mean

The type of isolation switch we need to safely install should only be installed by a specifically trained Operator, who is a part of a body called MOCoP under the REC 2.0 (Retail Energy Code).

MOCoP Operators are required to fully satisfy the technical and safety requirements of the agreement. The vast majority of MOCoP accredited Operators are employed directly by energy suppliers.

Installing an isolation switch should be arranged via your electricity supplier as we can guarantee the work is completed in a compliant fashion.

We can’t use switched fuses or rotary switches as a point of isolation because they would result in our Installers working live. Employing a third party ordinary electrician may result in an unsuitable point of isolation being fitted so we always advise you to contact your energy supplier.

If you’d like to talk to our technical experts directly about this is any more detail, please call 0330 043 1852.