Looped Supply – DNO Approval Required

ChargedEV has reviewed your survey images and before we can install, we need approval from your DNO because your supply is ‘looped’. This means the supply cable that enters your property from the ground appears to be connected to a neighbour.

Your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) is the company that owns and operates the power lines and infrastructure that connects homes in your area to the electricity network.

In preparation for your chargepoint installation we have notified your DNO of the intended install. We have let them know as it is likely that your home’s electricity supply could need to be altered so you can have the most benefit from your chargepoint and to ensure the installation is safe.

In many cases, the DNO approves our installation without any extra time, effort or cost. In this scenario, you don’t have anything to do, we’ll confirm they’ve approved and continue.

In some cases, if your home’s electricity supply is smaller you may need a supply upgrade. More often than not, it is typically a free of charge service from your DNO. It will just take time to arrange.

The Technical Bit

We identify your home’s electricity supply by reviewing the image of your electric meter and surrounding area. We’re obligated to assume that the supply is a maximum of 60A where we cannot view this area properly or any labels on equipment are old, damaged or appear to have been altered.

The type and size of your home’s current supply might impact whether your DNO can complete upgrade works and whether they are chargeable. Many installations are approved on a looped supply, however as there is a possibility your supply is shared, we have to make sure we can go ahead with the DNO. It’s more likely in these cases that the DNO would wish to attend your home to assess.

Any work requested by your DNO will need to be complet-ed before your chargepoint installation can take place, this may mean that we need to delay or reschedule your appointment – if so, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

If you’d like to talk to our technical experts directly about this is any more detail, please call 03300 431 852.



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