Unfortunately we can’t install right now – but there are other methods

Please see below some off the companies we’ve partnered with to enable you to charge your EV in your transition

Charge Gully

Charge Gully is the lockable, ultra-shallow and durable cable channel that allows to run a charging cable safely across the pavement.

How to charge an electric car when you don’t have a driveway? This is a problem faced by about 40% of households in the UK.

If you are of them, you will need to charge your car using public chargers which can work out expensive.

So we have partnered with Charge Gully, the cable channel that enables to safely run an EV charging cable across the pavement, from your house to your car parked by the kerb.

Charge Gully is safe, durable and discreet.

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CoCharger – Enabling people with EV chargers to share them with neighbours, so they can swap to an electric vehicle.

If you’d like to switch to an electric vehicle, but have nowhere to install a charger, sign up with Co Charger and use a neighbour’s charger instead.

Co Charger is designed to replicate the benefits and ease of having a home charger – just with a longer walk to your door!

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