INDRA Smart Pro

The INDRA Smart PRO is quite simply one of the smartest EV chargers on the market offering a range of innovative features for the driver and optimised by the award winning Kaluza platform.

The charger allows you to utilise your free green electricity from solar panels while offering an aesthetically pleasing, robust, smart solution to charging your electric car at home.

ChargedEV Indra charpoint image

Key Details

  • Compatible with all plug-in electric vehicles
  • Power Rating: Variable 1.4kW up to 7kW
  • Universal socket or Tethered (Type 1 or 2)
  • Control from our Kaluza Web App
  • OZEV Approved

Usage Reporting

Track your charger’s energy consumption and charging history


Ensure you charge at the cheapest times by setting a schedule for your charging

Solar Compatible

Increase the amount of energy your car consumes from your solar panels

PEN Fault Detection

A built in solution to protect against the loss of earthing

Load Curtailment

Reduce demand from your charger if your supply is overloaded

Communications Method

How the charger connects to the internet

(Secondary 3G/4G)




Full Installation Cost

Including a standard installation





Universal or Tethered


Tethered +£75

Universal Only

Tethered Only

Tethered Only