Charge your EV with Simpson & Partners Home 7

Get your Home 7 fully installed with ChargedEV from just £1,299.

Simpson & Partners are redefining EV chargers, manufacturing simply stunning models that are technically brilliant and universally compatible. With a range including the Home 7 and the Home 7 Plus – you can customise to your liking to match your home. Luxurious. Premium. Smart. This is the Simpson & Partners EV charger.


Home EV Chargers Redefined

In 2021, Simpson & Partners embarked on a fresh journey, leveraging their years of experience to create something superior. As a family-run business, they prioritise quality and put their customers first. They’re deeply involved in every aspect, from design to delivery, even cleaning the floors.

The Cotswolds’ heritage and natural beauty strongly influence the products they create. Their design ethos is rooted in classic British style, and they take pride in not compromising on materials. Collaborating with UK suppliers to reduce environmental impact, they aim to deliver enduring, season-proof products.