Picking Your Survey

Onboarding Form Explained

Complete this yourself

What happens in the survey?

Through our custom built onboarding form you will provide information and upload images relevant to your charge point installation. You’ll receive access to this within 1 minute of your enquiry with us. It’s broken down into stages to make it easier to complete.


How much does it cost?

100% free, it just needs a little extra of your time


When can I complete the onboarding form?

You can choose to complete the form when it suits you, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Virtual Survey Explained

We’ll do it together

What happens in the survey?

Our in-house expert agents will call you at the arranged time. You’ll receive a unique link by SMS to join the survey on your smartphone. We’ll guide you to key areas of the property to look at installation feasibility including incoming supply, cable route and charge point location. This will be undertaken through your phone’s rear camera – we’ll have the ability to screenshot and annotate the things you show us.


How much does it cost?

100% free


How soon are they scheduled?

Most customers schedule their virtual survey themselves within 3 days at a time that suits them.

Installer Survey Explained

We’ll do it for you

What happens in the survey?

Our in-house expert installer will visit your property to look at installation feasibility and key areas relating to your installation including incoming supply, the best cable route and the charge point location.


How much does it cost?

It’s a £60 upfront cost.


When can I complete the onboarding form?

Within 7 days of your request to book.


Can I opt for an Installer Survey?

Yes, if you prefer to skip the online form and would like to arrange for one of our Installers to attend then you can opt for a site survey with us for a fee

How quickly can you arrange an Installer Survey?

On average, our lead time for a site survey is 7 working days.

How long do Installer Surveys take?

Our Installer Surveys are timed for 45 minutes but could take less time, it all depends on the complexity of your installation.

How long will it take for you to issue a quote?

For most installations, we’ll issue you with a quote within a maximum of two working days.

What if I no longer want to go ahead with the installation after a Installer Survey?

If you no longer want to go ahead with ChargedEV, we’ll aim to capture why so we can understand the reason and improve our service.

Our Installer site surveys are a valuable electrical ‘health check’ as we’re assessing whether your property currently meets the latest electrical regulations, in order to install.

Any of the preparation works we might advise before installation is valuable information to any homeowner or tenant. As such, we do not offer a refund for the Installer Survey visit if you choose not to go ahead.

We consider it the occupant’s personal choice if they choose to act on our commentary but we’ll be clear on what is a recommendation vs a health and safety concern.

There are many properties with older electrical setups that are in fine working order – it’s only in the event of a new installation or alteration that they will be considered by an electrician carrying out new work.

Will the cost of my Installer Survey be taken off the installation price?

No, if you opt for this type of survey. There are a few exceptions where we may waiver the associated cost of the Installer Survey and we’ll let you know if that applies to you.

What can I expect from a Virtual Survey?

We’ll give you a call and set up the video by connecting to the back camera of your smartphone.

You’ll receive an SMS, while our agent is on the line, and we’ll be ready to begin the survey in two clicks!

We’ll ask you to show us a few key areas of your home and chat with you about your installation.

We’ll use the information we capture and what we see to build your quote and arrange your installation.

If you prefer to use the chat function, you’ll see a chat box on the screen which we can message in rather than speaking on the phone.

During a Virtual Survey – Can you see me? Can I see you?

You won’t be able to see our agents, and we’ll only see what you point your back camera towards.

What areas of my home will you ask to see?

Here’s a list of the items/areas we’ll ask to view during your home video survey or installer survey.

  • Electric meter and surrounding area
    • Usually located in a white cabinet on an outside wall of your home
    • Or, inside, perhaps near your front door or under the stairs
  • Water Supply
    • We’ll ask you to locate your water stop tap, which is usually located under the kitchen sink or near your boiler
    • We’re looking to see whether this supply is bonded
  • Heating Supply
    • Most homes have a gas supply so we’ll ask you to show us your gas meter
    • Or, if you have an oil supply or anything else, we’ll ask to view it
  • A walk through of your cable route
    • We need to understand the space and distance between your electric meter and your preferred chargepoint location

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

Depending on where some of the items (listed above) are located in your home,  you might need to make some space to be able to access this area. If your electric meter is in a locked cupboard, you’ll need the key.