Our Workplace EV Charging Solutions

Make it easier for your fleet or staff to adopt the electric revolution.

Electric Vehicle Chargepoints

Easy to use; clean, sleek and robust.

All of our chargepoints are great looking on the outside and smart working on the inside.

  • Speeds available from 3kW and 7kW fast charging, 22kW super fast or 40kW rapid.
  • Most units available for a communicating upgrade, see below.
  • Choose from floor standing or wall mounted.
  • Bay marking and signage available.
  • Full turnkey solutions available for all units.


BP Chargemaster

We have the perfect variety of charge points available from BP Chargemaster. Ranging from a single socket all the way up to a dual floor mounted pedestal. The two dual charge points also have accessibility to Chargevison and CYC (Chargemaster specific management systems).

  • BP Chargemaster Single Socket Wall Mount
  • BP Chargemaster Dual Wall mount
  • BP Chargemaster Dual Pedestal


All of the EO charge points benefit from the EO cloud. The EO cloud allows you to manage, monitor and truly get an in depth view into your charge point’s data.

  • EO Basic / Genius Single Wall Mount
  • EO Basic / Genius Single (On Post)
  • EO Mini Pro 2

Pod Point

Our Pod Point charge points are able to give you great insights into your staff’s charging while also offering a standard plug and play option.

  • PodPoint Single Socket Wall Mount
  • PodPoint Dual Pedestal

Project EV

With Project EV, we offer upto 40kW charging, allowing your business to charge it’s vehicles at a faster rate (providing the car is capable). We also have standard 7.4kW charge points available.

  • Project EV Single Wall Mount
  • Project Dual Pedestal
  • Project EV Single 40kW DC (Wall and Post)

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