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Take a look at what we currently offer for our workplace installations. Each charge point has it’s own bespoke management system, too. If the charge point you require isn’t below, we are able to accomodate and install your required chargepoint(s).

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Easee offers up a stylish yet practical soluton to EV charging. One of the stand-out features that comes with the easee is the ability to connect upto 101 chrge points on one circuit. This is done by looping the one cable from charge point ot charge point.

  • Easee Charge (up to 22kW)
Technical document

Easee Charger


All of the EO charge points benefit from the EO cloud. The EO cloud allows you to manage, monitor and truly get an in depth view into your charge point’s data.

  • EO Basic / Genius Single Wall Mount
  • EO Basic / Genius Single (On Post)
  • EO Mini Pro 2
Technical documents

EO Genius EO Mini Pro 2

Project EV

With Project EV, we offer upto 40kW charging, allowing your business to charge it’s vehicles at a faster rate (providing the car is capable). We also have standard 7.4kW charge points available.

  • Project EV Single Wall Mount
  • Project EV Dual Pedestal
  • Project EV Single 40kW DC (Wall and Post)
Technical documents

Project EV Single Wall Mount Project EV Dual Pedestal Project EV Single 40kW (Wall and Post)

Do you require something different?

While the above charge points are our core line-up, we are able to install other charge points. Just let us know what charge point you require.

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