Designing your own chargepoint - what would you choose?

01 March 2018

We ran a social media poll this week, asking the question ‘If you could design your own EV chargepoint, what would be the most important features?’ with a variety of answers, but most importantly, some solid suggestions in the responses we received from you.

EV Drivers, both new and longer users, know what they want from a chargepoint and what would make their experience if not more enjoyable, but easier, or practical. This is echoed through some of the suggestions and responses we received – some were more practical than others, some seems to make the experience easier or more enjoyable and then others were just clever and should have been thought of in the past. The best way to improve a product is to listen to what the consumers say.

From the votes, we gave the options of Cost, Design, and Smart Capabilities or Other. What came out on top, which wasn’t surprising, was cost.


We asked for comments and feedback to; so people could give us an insight into what they would want specifically with the interest results. Check out some of the responses below:

  • Contactless payment AND – very important – a system where you are only stopped being billed when you place the plug back on the unit. Maybe a locking system in the plug holder (even a dummy connector as found on a car) that locks it so it cannot flail around the place!
  • Air compressor to pump up tyres!
  • Hoover to clean car while you wait.
  • Normal three pin plug for use in case chargepoint is down and possible for two cars to charge simultaneously using both AC and DC.
  • My design would be simple to use with payment via contactless. Make the chargepoints plentiful and you won’t need fancy apps for booking or availability.
  • Other: V2G – because all that spare battery capacity could be used to even out renewable energy generation. I calculate I could “earn” £2k a year from my unused capacity. Makes EV the cheapest vehicle to own.

Let’s hope we can make some of these become a reality. The EV infrastructure is growing on a daily basis whilst adapting too. The future is happening and we want to be prepared.

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