Fully Charged Show Live

11 June 2018

June the 9th. Silverstone Circuit. 10:00am. Fully Charged Show LIVE was a go!

FCS Opening

People had come from far and wide, even overseas, to witness the largest (and possibly best) show centred around Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy that the UK has seen. Hosted by Robert Llewellyn, Jonny Smith and their team from the hit Youtube series Fully Charged Show, they put on a spectacular event. The next two days were set to feature some incredibly educating talks including some of the industry leaders and experts, plenty of activities and stands and also the chance to speak to many people who had the same vision as you.

FCS Brochure

The show was littered around with some of the largest companies from the EV industry and more in stands which surrounded talks by Robert, Jonny and other hosts for specific subjects. The talks included a whole host of spectacularly interesting subjects such as Global Shift: What does the future of Energy and transport look like?, EV Conversions, Vehicle-to-Grid and even A Fully Charged Home: What should it include? amongst many others. The theatres were packed out for this; I think if the team had allowed double the seating, they would have still have had overspill! With a large amount of information new and old, people were keen to keep listening and learn more on their subjects of choice.

FCS Theatre

With the team behind Fully Charged Show walking around in their Fully Charged Crew T-shirts, the public didn’t miss out at all. There was always someone on hand to help out where needed. To support even further, the show had it’s own stand where people could purchase T-shirts, badges, mugs and more. Fitting with the same theme, the navy T-shirts where definitely a hit and on Monday morning, you can bet that a lot of people were enjoying their drinks from the ‘Fully Charged Show Mugs’ available.


Around the halls you had a lot of companies that will be familiar to the ‘yet-to-be-converted’ audience, such as stands featuring Tesla, BMW and Nissan. You also had your EV Charging companies such as Chargemaster allowing people to get up close and personal with an UltraCharger, and OVO Energy showcasing the new Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology with support from some staff at ChargedEV. The stands incorporated products which are available now and in the public spaces where people need to charge, and also products to be released. Fantastic opportunities laid to anyone wanting to know more, or wanting information they didn’t know was available, and also people putting the colleagues manning the stands to their tests questioning their knowledge. I think it is safe to say, that the mixture of people included people who were thinking about EV’s and Renewables, people who were very interested and also people who could tell you about it in their sleep. A fantastic bunch of people around with nothing but smiles and enjoyment beaming throughout the halls.


It was great to see the team around the halls, and also getting involved with the crowd. Maybe the hosts surpassed the record for number of selfies taken with fans in a short space of time! It was amazing to see them within the crowd and giving the public the opportunity to chat with them, give them their feedback and really involve them in the show.

FCS Selfie

I think we can speak for everyone attending when we say we all should don our hats to Robert and the team on what an amazing job they did to bring everyone together at this event, to give the opportunity for all companies to showcase and for the fans to meet, speak and find out more about their favourite products and technologies. If this event is anything to go by, next year is going to take us by storm and Fully Charged Show Live will be something that will be forever growing.

It was such a shame that some members of the ChargedEV family were unable to attend, but next year we will definitely be there.

Until next year, thank you Fully Charged Show.

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