London Motor Show 2018 - A Recap

21 May 2018

The London Motor Show 2018 was held at the ExCel Centre in London from the 17th to the 20th of May, and ChargedEV were lucky enough to be in attendance alongside OVO Energy to help inform people and answer any questions around Electric Vehicles, charging them and also brand new technology such as OVO’s Vehicle-to-Grid Charger.

Excel CEV Stand

The show had some excellent stands, which of course included our stand showcasing the new Nissan LEAF with models of the OVO V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) Charger and OVO’s Smart Charger, in close proximity to Londons Electric Taxi Company. Just across the hall, EVision / EV Rent had a stand featuring a Tesla Model X and then also across the hall, the all new iPace featured on the Jaguar stand. Close to that was the Qwest stand showcasing the fantastic Tesla Shooting Brake. It was great to see that so many EV’s were being exhibited and the show wasn’t just for Petrolheads.


It was delightful to see the range of people who were interested in talking to the team about EV Charging, EV’s and also the new technology. A handful of people knew about it already, but we did have people who were totally new to the idea of EV; the success was that they walked away more interested than they came which will only add to the positive impact EV’s will have on the UK.

There were plenty of questions which were asked around how much money can you save, questions around ranges of EV and charging times for them and also about what is the best way to charge. We informed people about tools EV users can use to find charging points publicly and also what we can offer for domestic or workplace charging. All in all, it felt like everyone who visited our stand, no matter the attitude they came with, went away with a positive outlook on Electric Vehicles.

Rich, our Business Development Manager, who attended all four days of the show, said: “Speaking to a wide range of people over the 4 days, it was good to see and hear people’s thoughts on EV’s, both positive and negative. I was fascinated at how many people were sold on the idea of an Electric Car and said that they would buy one as their next car. For me personally, it was great to be able to change people’s perceptions about EV’s with some people coming to the stand and being against the idea of driving one, having a 5-10 minute chat and them going away thinking that it might not be a bad idea. Having spoken to quite a few people that seemed to be against the notion of Electric Cars, I was surprised at how many were actually put off by things that they had read in the media or heard on the news, etc, rather than actually getting the information from people that knew what they were talking about.”

OVO Energy were running a competition while we were there, this gave participants the chance to win a week of driving an Electric Vehicle. We had a great response to this and we hope the lucky winner enjoys their chance to have an extended test drive!

ChargedEV were proud to be a part of the show, and are also proud to be a part of the electric revolution that is happening. We can see it unfolding and to be in an integral part in the progression of the adoption of Electric Vehicles is an amazing job. As our mission statement says, we aim to make charging at home, at work and on the road, simple.

We have produced a short video looking at some of the stands we mentioned before, which you can see here.

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