Why don't some Electric Vehicle Drivers have the OLEV EVHS Grant?

20 February 2018

We ran a poll on twitter to try and gauge why people don’t have an OLEV EVHS Chargepoint under the grant at home when they drive an electric vehicle – the results are quite surprising.

We gave 4 options;
1. They prefer to use a 3-pin plug.
2. They were not aware of a grant.
3. They don’t have off-street parking
4. They’re too expensive.

The reason with the highest votes were joint between 2, not being aware of a grant and 4, they’re too expensiveboth receiving 30% of the votes.


The results of this poll were quite eyeopening – the fact there is not much knowledge of the OLEV EVHS Government Grant – why? Do we, as installers and suppliers need to be more focused in driving the offer home to people who have newly bought an EV or are planning to? Does it fall to the dealer who is supplying the vehicle in the first place? The aim needs to be that more and more people are informed about the grant at the point of buying an EV, or are told when even enquiring; helping push the EV revolution and mass market uptake.

Voters also chose the option ‘too expensive’ for one of the highest scoring answers; but with the grant, the cost is already brought down. We need to inform people that an EV Chargepoint is not only for now; it is an investment for the future and any car they purchase hereafter. A dedicated Electric Vehicle Charging point is cost effective, safe and an ideal way to future proof for your automotive needs. In the long run, if the grant stops, there will be a much higher cost when they are needed by every homeowner.

Going forward; to make the community and market of EV’s grow and be a lot more user-friendly, we all need to drive home the importance of the EVHS grant whilst it is available and what the benefits for everyone involved are. The EV revolution is already happen; let’s push mass market adoption.

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