The Flexible Charging Platform

Our flexible charging platform, Chargeasy, puts you in charge.

What do you need from your chargers?

You're in charge

Chargeasy is an ultimately flexible chargepoint management platform, designed to help you maximise the value of your chargers.

Developed in partnership with drivers, charge point operators, local authorities, installers and industry experts, our EV charging platform is customer-focused and independent of any charger manufacturer, ensuring you get software that works for you and your drivers.

Charge your way

Tailor your Chargeasy platform to get exactly what you need out of your EV chargers.


At a glance


Take control of your chargers

Chargeasy starts with a central platform for managing, monitoring and operating your chargers. Chargeasy Core allows for the essentials of charging and reporting and gives you the tools and the add-on modules to maximise your charging investments.

Ultimate Flexibility with Access Controls

*Setting tariffs only available with billing

*Pricing access controls only available with billing

Key Features of Maintenance

Driver fault reporting

Automated fault reporting based on charger status

Alert system via email and SMS

Track open issues directly in the platform

Assign issues to maintenance users or third-party contractors

Get fault reports on chargers showing uptime and average resolution time on issues

Access for installers and maintenance users to share fault information

Click-to-fix maintenance

Troubleshooting tools


Generate Revenue

Whether your clients are a charge point operator, a visitor destination, local authority or anyone looking to receive payment for charging, you need a
comprehensive set of tools to best serve their customers. Billing is a secure PCI compliant solution that gives you the freedom to start generating revenue from charging points.

Key Features of Billing

Collect payments directly from drivers

Add payment details

Securely store driver card and payment details

Full financial reporting through Stripe

Payment dispute resolution

See financial data about specific chargers or your entire network in real-time

Automated invoicing

Manage tariffs and subscriptions

Create different user groups with separate tariffs

Charge connection, parking and overstay fees

Have different tariffs for different times and days


Enhancing the driver experience

The intuitive EV Driver App allows drivers to discover compatible chargers, and easily begin, pay for and track the progress of their charging sessions. Our driver app will continue to evolve alongside platform developments, with even more features being released to empower drivers.

Easy Session Starting Clear Charging Rates
Save Payment DetailsReal Time Session Tracking
Charging Session Insights Discover Nearby Chargers
Accidental End Control Direct Issue Reporting


Maximise Uptime

Maintenance comes as standard with the Core Platform

For charge point operators, installers and those with large networks of commercial chargers, Chargeasy goes far beyond simple charger issue reporting. We provide a comprehensive service that monitors network health and ensures your chargers are back up and running as soon as possible.

Key Features of Core

Manage all your chargers in one back office system

Use chargers from multiple vendors in the same network

Supports any number of chargers

Add, view and manage your network of chargers

Start charging with RFID cards

Comprehensive reporting including OZEV compliant reports

Complete flexibility with Access Controls