Commercial Electrical Vehicle Chargepoints

Leading the Charge

For many businesses, whether it be for your fleet, staff or customers, EV charging is a completely new service and often the exact requirements of which have been misunderstood (or even worse, been taken advantage off. Stories of Rapid Chargers in locations that a vehicle will be parked for 2+ hours, or only 13amp sockets provided for places that need fast charging, we have heard it all.

Here at ChargedEV, we like to try and not over complicate things, we can sit with you and discuss how you envisage your charger being used, the likely users, the time and cost implications per charge, then offer you the most suitable solution, always allowing for future upgrades.

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Types of Charging

We try to work on the basis that different situations have different charging requirements and don’t operate in a ‘one box fits all’ manner. We design our systems based on ‘Dwell Time’, how long will the average user be at the chargepoint.

Based on the above and your exact requirements, we can provide you with the best practical solutions for your requirements and your budget.ation during June for 10% off marked prices.

On Route Charging

On route charging is what you will use to help you get from A to B to C, in an Ideal world, this would always be ‘Rapid Charging’ (upto 80% battery in under 30 mins) for most vehicles however some Fast Charging points may also be recommended for redundancy.

Destination Charging

This is generally where you may be leaving your car for 2+ Hours up-to a full day or overnight at a Hotel for example. Here you may only need Slow/Fast charging, but you would need more charge points.

Customer Reviews

I have just had my installation completed this morning by David
I just wanted to feedback that he provided an excellent and friendly service

Frank Adebowale

Ive had my charge point fitted now and just like to thank you and especially Mark the installer who seemed to go out of his way to make sure my charge point was fitted ASAP.

Ryan-Lee Langan

I have to say that dealing with your company has been an absolute pleasure. I had previously tried get to get this dealt with by Chargemaster who proved to be incredibly incompetent and wasted two appointments because they couldn’t find the paperwork they’d already had. I wish I hadn’t wasted my time with them and had come to you first.

Stephen Dunning

Just a quick email to register my total satisfaction with the excellent installation David did earlier today. He came up with a really neat solution to ensure the the charger was in the best place and was able to overcome all the time consuming little issues inherent with installations in this type of older property. I cannot praise him enough and would not hesitate in recommending your company without reservation. Many thanks for fitting in my installation so promptly.

Pete Chambers