Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance

Update 4.06.20

We have started the process of remobilising our field operations from the 9th of June. We’ll be prioritising any maintenance calls and customers previously cancelled and delayed in March.

Your Installation/Appointment

Our teams have been specially trained on how to keep everyone safe, while they’re inside your home:

On the day of your appointment, our team will call ahead to check it’s still safe to visit. They’ll ask if anyone in your household is in a moderate or high risk category, or self-isolating. If this is the case, your appointment will need to be rescheduled. When the engineer arrives, they’ll check this again with you in person. Our engineers will follow strict safety measures in line with government guidelines, including wearing PPE. Our engineers will also be observing social distancing, which includes asking you to stay safe in another room while they work. Wherever possible, please give the engineer space to work safely. Our engineer may take more frequent breaks to get fresh air. They will also ask you to open windows and doors close to the work location(s) for the duration of their visit. To minimise the time our engineers spend in your home, they may work in a slightly different way to usual.

All our engineers will stop working immediately if anyone shows any symptoms of coronavirus, during their visit.

Important: if you or anyone in your home is in a moderate or high risk category, or feels unwell before your appointment, please give us a call on 03300 431 851 and we’ll work through your options.

ChargedEV is aware that customers are likely to be concerned during this difficult period and is therefore creating frequently asked questions for customers to access through its website; customers will also be able to ask questions by contacting our call centres.

What we’re doing

ChargedEV is, first and foremost, concerned with the health of our customers and staff. To ensure we can support and service our customers safely during this time we are taking the following precautions:

We have closed our office and enabled our staff to work from home giving them the best chance to adhere to government advice on social distancing, stay well and be available to support your queries remotely.

We’ve assessed our approach to chargepoint installation and have taken the decision to postpone all appointments except for those customers who fall into the below categories and consider their need to charge a vehicle paramount to commuting to and from their place of work.

  • Health & Social Care sectors
  • Public Safety and National Security
  • Transport
  • Utilities, Communications and Finance
  • Local and National Government
  • Education and Childcare
  • Key Public Service
  • Food and other essential goods
Possible impacts to customer service

ChargedEV is, in common with the rest of the country, experiencing members of staff who need to self isolate or have fallen ill. It has business continuity plans in place across all departments and these include ensuring there is sufficient resource to deliver the critical services needed to service our customers. As part of our business continuity work, we have customer service agents working from home, connecting to our systems remotely. We are also using our third party suppliers who have also invoked their business continuity plans, in order to support our contact centres. However, our call wait times and email response times are likely to be impacted during this difficult period and we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Non Key Worker Customers

Should you have an enquiry, booking or service call for an EV chargepoint, we will not be able to attend under the current climate:

Enquiry: We will continue to work through your enquiry, requesting images and information via our onboarding app, carrying our desktop surveys and advising you of any additional third party works so that as soon as we are in a position to lift the suspension we can start to offer you a date on completion of those third party works, if any.

Installation Booking: We will again continue to ensure that all works are completed and we will offer you an appointment date as soon as appropriate.

Service Calls: If your EV chargepoint stops working or shows a fault, we will ask you to isolate power to the chargepoing and transition to using other means of charging such as a 3 pin Mode 2 charger until we are in a position to schedule a service call. Some problems can be resolved remotely so we’ll advise if possible.

Key worker installations and emergency service calls:

To ensure that we are able to provide an installation and maintenance service for the above key workers our installation teams have been given stringent advice to monitor the health of themselves and their households and to self isolate in line with government guidance.

We have also introduced some additional measures to help protect them and our customers from the risk of cross contamination;

Pre-screening at Agent booking
  • Including guidance on what to do if the customer becomes unwell or has to self-isolate after the booking is made
  • Health information and advice has been included on our booking emails
  • We are sending our customers a message three days before their installation to check on their wellbeing and safe isolation status.
Safety checks/ risk assessments
  • Pre visit call to check customer and household remain healthy and not self isolated
  • Pre entry check from engineer
  • All engineers are supplied with hand sanitisation equipment in their vehicles
  • Engineers are not deployed if they feel unwell and are self isolating for 14 days
  • Post installation, we are asking our customers to sign off their installation using their own smart phone rather than using the engineers iPad
In home risk management
  • All engineers are supplied with guidance on staying safe when in properties
  • Engineers maintain a safe distance from customers whilst in property, washing their hands before and after each visit
  • Wearing additional safety clothing to protect both customers and engineers when additional protection is required
  • Not accepting drinks from customers, we appreciate the thought, but our staff will bring their own drinks to work

Should you have any further concerns that are not documented above, please feel free to call us on 0330 043 1851 to discuss.

Updated 28.04.20

We’ve decided to suspend all field operations including key worker installations and service calls until further notice. A small number of our customer service teams remain available and we are continuing to consult and advise our customers for future installations as normal.

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