Domestic Chargepoints

Home Charger from £149

We are Rolec’s only Nationwide Installation Partner of the domestic OLEV grant funded wallpods that offers 75% towards the cost of an EV Home Charging point upto a maximum of £500.

We have installed over 2000 domestic home charging stations throughout England & Wales and continue to be the number one choice of installation partner for car dealers, leasing companies, salary sacrifice providers and many more who choose us for our commitment to customer service and our level of dedicated expertise in the EV charging industry.


All of our employed installers are trained and qualified up to the highest standards and carry out all installations to the latest BS7671 regulations and inline with the IET Code of Practice for EV Charging.

Our installers will discuss your ideal chargepoint location and agree upon a suitable installation method with you before proceeding.

Lead Time

We can generally complete all installations within 2 weeks, from when we have a complete application.

To assess your installation, we will request images of your property, including the chargepoint location, your consumer unit and off street parking.

Best Value

ChargedEV provide the UK’s best priced EV chargepoint installation under the OLEV EVHS grant.

We guarantee that our price can not be beat for a like for like service.

What's the Offer?

New scheme for all installs booked from the 1st July 2016.

Charged EV are able to provide a fully installed Homecharge point from as little as £149 (inc VAT)

  • 32Amp Universal Type 2 Socket Charge Points now £149.00* (inc VAT)
  • 32Amp Type 1 or Type 2 tethered Charge Points now £199.00* (inc VAT)


  • Colour options to suit your home
  • Public charging cable for just £125.00

**All pricing is subject to standard installation

Tethered of Socket

Universal Socket

The Universal Socket is compatible with all makes & models of EV’s on the road today and in the future. This option does not come with a cable, but you can add a discounted one to your order at checkout.

The Universal Socket is the most future proof and flexible option available that also looks clean and sleek against any building.

  • Flexible
  • Future Proof
  • 16A or 32A (no price difference)


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Tethered Connector

A Tethered connector is available in either Type 1 (J1772) or Type 2 (Mennekes) dependant on which vehicle you own and comes with a 5M lead and suitable docking socket.

The tethered lead is coiled around the cable management bracket and ensures a quick and efficient way of connecting and disconnecting your charger.

  • Convenient
  • Simple
  • 16A or 32A (no price difference)


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OLEV EVHS Homecharge

OLEV EVHS Homecharge

Rolec WallPod: EV Home Charge

Rolec’s domestic OLEV grant offering is a simple, low-cost, easy to install mode three EV charging station designed specifically for charging electric vehicles at home. Again, we have this available in Type 1 Tethered, Type 2 Tethered and the universal Type 2 Socket, all available in 16amp/3.6kW or 32amp/7.2kW.


  • easy to install / low maintenance
  • designed to be permanently located outdoors or indoors
  • available in both 16amp (3.6kW) and 32amp (7.2kW) formats
  • CE approved J1772 charging gun complete with 5m tethered lead
  • secure charging gun holster
  • high quality flexible charging cable
  • cable management system (with tethered version)
  • mode three IEC61851-1 compliant communication protocol
  • a built-in 16amp or 32amp RCBO accessible via an IP65 rated access door
  • full overload and fault current protection
  • multiple supply cable entry points

WallPod: HomeCharge provides fast at-home EV Charging via a 16amp or 32amp supply and is compatible with a wide range of current electric vehicles.

Charge with a twist!

If you are looking for something a little different, you can choose from 5 different colour combinations to suit your home. There is an additional cost for £29 to order a bespoke unit and potentially an additional wait for the stock of up to a week.

What is a Standard Installation?

We install all of our EV chargepoints in accordance with the IET Code of Practice for EV charging.

Our installers will assess your property on the day of installation to ensure that the installation falls within our Standard Installation prior to commencing the installation.

To have your OLEV funded Rolec EV Wallpod installed at the advertised price of £149 or £199 respectively, you will need to ensure your installation falls into the below criteria:

  • The chosen WallPod charge point
  • A maximum run of 10 metres from source of supply (consumer unit) to charge point
  • The property’s consumer unit must be RCD protected and have a spare way for protecting the outgoing charge point circuit
  • Cable to be surface mounted – clipped direct
  • No ground works
  • The property must have an earthing arrangement complying with current regulations
  • The charge point must be fixed to the main property and able to utilise the property’s earthing arrangement
  • The homeowner must comply with all current OLEV Domestic Scheme Ts & Cs

Should your installation fall outside the above criteria, there may be additional charges for the extra work required.

We only ever charge cost price for the additional work and will not cut corners during the installation when it comes to your safety.

Customer Reviews

After the purchase of a Mistsubishi Outlander PHEV, I contacted ChargedEV to install a second external 32A-ready EV chargepoint on my garage.

They replied immediately with a very comprehensive and intelligent list of questions about the installation, including a request for various pictures.

This ensured that when he subsequently came to install the product, there were no unpleasant surprises.

Their communication was excellent and when the installer was running late on the installation day he called to let me know.

The fitting was done quickly and efficiently, using high quality components, and has worked flawlessly ever since.

I would have no hesitation in recommending ChargedEV to other EV drivers, and indeed already have!

Eugene Lambert (Stroud) - Outlander PHEV

I contacted ChargedEV to install an electric car charging station just after ordering my new Nissan Leaf.

Although the car wasn’t due for a few weeks, they managed to install my charger the very next weekend, within 3 days of our first phone call.

The installation was fast and smooth and everything was explained to me by Mark.

I was entirely satisfied and would recommend their services to anyone, in fact I have recommended them to several new EV drivers already.

Kevin Horne (Sheffield) - Nissan Leaf

I recently bought a Peugeot Ion electric car and decided to get two Charge Points fitted at both parent’s houses so that I would then have no worries with range of the car and enables me to travel further. This is proving to be a great success. It’s already saved me nearly £500 in petrol in just 4 months!

ChargedEV installed both units quickly and efficiently we are delighted with the charge points and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone using an electric car, the installation went without a hitch and could not have been easier.

Kelvin Kinkaid (Blandford Forum) - Peugeot Ion

ChargedEV just installed a 32A charger for our BMW i3 on an outbuilding (on the recommendation of my brother). I feel it’s worth giving Mark a glowing review of my own, because he does stand out from other installers I’ve met. Without any oversight he did a lovely tidy installation, positioning everything neatly and routing the cables intelligently (to avoid damaging our mouse-sealed outbuilding). He also had the experience and acumen to know that we could have the charger on the outbuilding and not via an ugly armoured cable snaking around our cottage. Thanks Mark and ChargedEV… highly recommended!

Martin Lambert (Chalford, Oxfordshire) - BMW i3

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