Myenergi Zappi


Perfect for solar only charging, the zappi can control your ecosystem flawlessly.

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EV charging with power from the grid, solar, or both

Introducing zappi, the EV charger that revolutionises your charging experience.

By harnessing the energy from your solar panels, zappi maximises the return on your investment in clean energy. Say goodbye to charging costs and hello to guilt-free, solar-powered charging for your electric vehicle right at home. With its user-friendly installation and intuitive interface, zappi makes sustainability effortless.

Even if you haven’t yet installed solar panels, zappi remains a reliable and efficient car charger, seamlessly utilising power from the grid.

Experience the future-fit solution for your EV charging needs – choose the myenergi zappi charger and embrace solar-powered sustainability today.

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Tethered Cable, Universal Socket


Black, White