Empower your home with clean energy: hassle-free solar & battery installations

Interested in generating your own electricity, looking for independence from the energy grid and powering your home with 100% renewable energy from your own solar panels?

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Solar Solutions to Cut Energy Bills: Start at £5,999

Leverage state-of-the-art solar panels for eco-friendly electricity. Add a home battery to store and use your solar power even after sunset. Green power at your fingertips.

Our Exclusive Solar Packages

Here are some examples of some standard packages that could be applicable to you, however we can install any array of panels and batteries to suit your renewable energy needs.

Solar Only

Starting at £5,999

Dive into the solar world with our 6-panel system.

With a 2.4kW peak, illuminate your home with nature's best on sunny days.

Solar & 5.2kW Battery

Starting at £9,649

Upgrade with battery storage complementing an 8-panel solar setup.

Produce, conserve, and consume solar energy round the clock. Witness the duo of solar and battery in action, reducing your bills.

Solar & 10.4kW Battery

Starting at £14,899

Embrace the prowess of a robust 16-panel Solar PV array teamed with a 10.4kW battery.

Stay powered during outages and save more on your electricity bills.

*All packages are subject to site survey and availability

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