Reset Instructions

We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues with your chargepoint. We have listed the instructions below to reset your unit. This troubleshooting resolves around 80% of smart-control issues. 

Please complete this and if your issues persists, reply to this email and tell us your LED light status – for example what colour and whether they are solid or flashing – as this helps us identify the issue. 

Reset Instructions

1. Ensure that you have disconnected the vehicle from the charger

2. Turn off the RCD (circuit breaker) for the unit that we installed. Doing this will turn off the power to the charger. 

3. Unplug the Ethernet cable for the charger at the router 

If your installation uses only an ethernet hardwire connection:
Turn off the router leaving it off for at least five minutes before reconnecting the Ethernet cable
Please ensure the ethernet cable is connected directly into your router, it might also be worth trying a different Ethernet port on the back of your router

If your installation uses using TP links: 
TP Links are plug in devices, that allow your router signal to travel greater distances, one will be plugged in near your router, the other will be plugged in close to your charger and be connected via Ethernet connection

Please follow these additional steps. 

A) Please ensure the chargers ethernet cable is connected securely to the TP link closest to it
B)  Make sure both TP links have three solid green LEDs. If you cannot see three green LEDs, turn off the TP links for at least 60 seconds and check the LED status on boot up- if they are showing different colours or flashes, then please let us know. 


4. After leaving the RCD off for at least 5 minutes turn the RCD back on.

After allowing the charger time to boot up (around 5 minutes) you should see the LED on the charger show a solid white LED. 

The web app will show the charger as back online. At this point you can reconnect the cable back into the vehicle if you wish. 

If this reset was unsuccessful please contact us and advise as mentioned the colour and flashing sequence of the LEDs on your charger and/or TP-Links if applicable. 

We aim to respond to all support queries within one business day. 

Thank you for your patience while we support you, we are EV drivers and appreciate how important it is to have your charger functioning.