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EV charging for fleets, employees and visitors can be one single solution with ChargedEV.

Whether you need to provide charging at work, at home or on the road, we can take away the headaches and make managing your electric fleet easier.

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Fleets @ Work

If your Fleet return to base and need to charge at your site, we can provide a bespoke solution to fit your needs.

Fleets At Work

Fleets @ Home

Make it simple for your fleet to charge at home if they’re not returning to your depot or site every night to charge.


Fleets @ Home


Depending on the size and scale of the installation site; we offer different packages to suit each installation from a single socket up to 20 or more sockets; we guarantee we have the right solution for any customer’s maintenance needs.


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Our bespoke back office management system, Chargeasy, is designed to help our customers maximise the value of their chargers.

Customer focused and independent of any charger manufacturer; it ensures they get the software that works best for them and their business.


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Our range of products for charging at home or at work will help you electrify whatever solution you require. .

We also offer a range of other services encompassed within EV charging.


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