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The benefits of EV Charging at your workplace:

Cost of Fleet

Set your own tariff, or provide free electric vehicle charging which will in-turn reduce fuel costs and emissions.

Employee Satisfaction

Improve employee satisfaction by offering a solution to their charging needs for both hybrid and full electric vehicles.

Sustainability Rating

Improve your company’s sustainability rating; reduce emissions and fuel consumption for a renewable future.

Prepare for the future

Prepare your site for the inevitable electric revolution; utilising the OLEV WSC Grant available to you and your business.

Our Workplace EV Charging Solution

Make it easier for your fleet or staff to adopt the electric revolution.

Electric Vehicle Chargepoints

Easy to use; clean, sleek and robust. Made in the UK.

All of our chargepoints are great looking on the outside and smart working on the inside.

  • Speeds available from 3kW and 7kW fast charging, 22kW super fast or 50kW rapid.
  • All units available with smart communications or not; your choice.
  • Available with a load balancing solution to reduce the total power required.
  • Choose from floor standing or wall mounted.
  • Bay marking and signage available.
  • Full turnkey solutions available for all units.


Chargevision is available with all units

  • Sophisticated data management system.
  • Enables you to see live analytics and historical reports on usage.
  • Downloaded reports for you.
  • Reports can be used for accounting purposes and management information systems.

CYC Back Office Management

The CYC Back Office Management is available with all units

  • Charge Your Car (CYC) is the UKs fastest growing pay-as-you-go recharging network for EV Drivers.
  • CYC operates by providing a single national charge point management system to which charge point owners can connect charge points, making the posts visible to all EV drivers via the CYC live status map.
  • CYC enables charge point owners to set the tariff for each charge point, collect payment for usage, and provides alerts in the event of a fault.

Why choose ChargedEV?

Expert Advice

All of our team will ensure they give you expert advice on any query you may have around Electric Vehicle Charging.

Dedicated Account Manager

From the day you enquire, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager to guide you through the process.

Full Turnkey Solutions

We will put every piece of the puzzle together for you, and complete the process of the installation from start to finish.

3 Year Warranty

All of our units come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of installation to ensure you’re always charging.

OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

Reduce the cost of workplace charging by up to £10,000

The OLEV Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) grant enables any business to receive a £500 grant per socket to install EV charging infrastructure at workplaces for staff and fleet vehicle use.

The grant is awarded to the business, however claimed by us, your OLEV approved installation company. The grant can be claimed against a maximum of 20 sockets.

Eligibility checklist:

  • Can be claimed by any business, charity or public authority (you can’t back-claim for existing chargepoints).
  • You must have off street parking & be able to outline a business need for electric vehicle chargepoints.
  • You must apply for a digital voucher and present it to ChargedEV.

View official guidelines on gov.uk.

Still got questions?

If you’re looking to install Workplace Electric Vehicle Chargepoint; our expert team can guide you every step of the way.

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